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Louie Diamond

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Lou Diamond is a sports visionary and an excellent handicapper with a knack for picking winners.

"Every service provides picks, but they never give you any in-depth information on why they liked or didn't like a game. In fact, most of the time they put you in a rotation where the only thought process is how to evenly rotate their money or hype you to bet everything in their offshore sportsbook." states Lou. "Technology now provides the avenue for legitimate services to prove credibility by revealing to the world, via the internet, the abundance of information that is necessary to become a truly successful handicapper. Bottom line, if they don't post their picks or information on the 'net before post time, behind password protection for ALL CLIENTS to see on one page...then they've shown you exactly what kind of information they have. NONE!"

Louie Diamond

Before Vegas

A leader since childhood, Lou went from being captain of his high school baseball and football teams to president of the student body. Lou has always been a real people person, a great sports fan, and an avid player.

It was in college where all these passions came together to make Lou the guy he is today. After moving to Cortland State University of New York as a Phys. Ed major in ’84, Lou’s future took a dramatic turn. While he wasn’t studying or in class he quickly evolved into the campus parlay card operator. It wasn’t long before he realized betting football and beating the point spread was far more fun and profitable than the career track he was on in school.

So after his early success, he decided “I want Jimmy the Greek’s job.”

Going All In

Lou knew he was a big fish in a small pond. At 19 he packed up and bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas. With $100 in his pocket, he landed in Vegas ready to play and make a name for himself.

Over his first few years, Lou built a sophisticated pick system and developed a deep network of Vegas connections. As technology evolved so did Lou. His endless search for winners led to the creation of a database and enabled him to make an early internet presence and become one of the most credible names in the sports service industry at just 31.

From there the wins kept rolling in. Some highlights include:

1991: Lou cemented his reputation early on as one of the country’s premier sports analysts by becoming a winner in the Las Vegas Hilton’s NFL SUPERCONTEST, the most prestigious sports handicapping contest in the nation. (63.5% winners.)

1997 HBO Sports” “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” documented Lous’ picks for 5 months. He gave them over 500 picks and produced almost $50,000 in winners. Click for documentation.

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2003 while working for ESPN I picked Chris Moneymaker to win the WSOP


2011 on ESPN: Louie Diamond featured on ESPN as a commentator.

The Lou Diamond Edge

Lou can’t disclose everything behind the scenes, but his reputation proceeds him. With his photographic memory, 20 TVs, 7 satellite dishes and a winning computer database that has no challengers, Lou has become the leading expert on many of the roads of “grassroots” sports betting. He firmly believes he has maintained an edge over the average sports bettor because of the simple fact that he knows exactly what the players’ information needs are.

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